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1. Translations of patent documents

Our services are directed towards delivering the highest quality at very competitive fees, keeping up with (often legal) deadlines and an optimal cooperation with the client.

2. Translations of technical and scientific documents

3. Validation in Belgium and The Netherlands

The translation of granted EP patents and the claims of EP patent applications is subject to formal requirements. In The Netherlands, since Augus 2006, the validation does not need to be certified and only a filing fee needs to be payed. The validation in Belgium need not to be certified and is not subject to a filing fee. Optionally, DIPS Belgium my validate your patent and take care of the payment of the filing fee in The Netherlands.

4. Translation report

We report every anomaly in the texts we translate, in particular in the patent claims. The translation of a granted EP patent or of the claims of the EP patent application is a crucial moment on which errors with a possible legal effects may be noticed.


We write your texts for you in Dutch or English.


We cover the following fields :


Translation from English, French or German into Dutch

0.14 €/word

Translation from Dutch into English, French or German

0.15 €/word

Translation between English, French and German

0.15 €/word

Revision of Dutch and English texts

55 €/hour

Amendment of drawings, figures, diagrams, sequences, etc.

70 €/hour

Translation based on similar text

70 €/hour

Minimum costs per translation (1 document in 1 language)

60 €

Validation in The Netherlands or Belgium

Validation in The Netherlands AND Belgium


200 €/country

300 €

Patent work (correspondence, Office Actions, opinions, etc.

 125 €/hour

Payment annuities in The Netherlands or Belgium

 125 €/country


Urgent Translation2:

Discounts are possible, for example for large or periodical orders.
Non-Belgian clients are NOT subject to Belgian VAT (21 %).


1 Words are counted in the target language using the Word Count Tool of the Microsoft® Word text editor. The translation of a few words in figures and drawings is free of charge.

2 By mutual agreement with the client. Urgent translations also depend on the size and complexity of the source text. DIPS Belgium retains the right to refuse an urgent translation or to outsource a translation, for which DIPS Belgium will retain the final responsability.


Our complete Conditions and List of Fees can be downloaded here.